Monday, October 17, 2011

Savage Hawkman Tidbit From NYCC

Not much in the way of news from this past weekend's NYCC, but we did get this nugget from the DC Justice League panel:

[Tony] Daniel pointed out the "incredible job" Philip Tan is doing on the artwork. He said the core essence of the title is "action," "excitement," and "character development of Carter Hall." The art shown was from issue #3, and Daniel pointed out a new villain, and said he wanted to give him some formidable rogues.

Unfortunately, Newsarama did not show the aforementioned artwork, but new villains are always welcome.  I think that Daniel's statement about the title's core being action and excitement is a good fit for Hawkman, so hopefully we will get that kind of book as we go forward.


Juss said...

I think it's shoddy and criminal how little press and promotion Hawkman is getting. 99% of what we get from Tony Daniel himself is about his Batman work, and industry-devoted websites are happy to go along and report only on that, too. I hope DC isn't not promoting Hawkman because this new series is only a token to begin with, and they are expecting from the start for it to fail. But they don't seem to realize that good promotion is equal in importance to great art and storytelling in giving an underdog title the foothold it needs to take off and do well.

Luke said...

To be fair, comics "journalism" sites like Newsarama are a lot more interested in Batman than Hawkman to begin with, so it's not entirely surprising.

But, I do agree with you. It seems like most every other creator is pounding the pavement to hype the heck out of their books (witness Gail Simone for one example), but Savage Hawkman seemingly gets so little hype-attention from Tony Daniel.

Hawkman falls into a weird middle ground, because the character is certainly not an A-Lister, but he is not like some of the C-Listers who have features in the New 52 like OMAC or the Blackhawks (both of which I am reading). So it's a strange kind of no man's land, and I hope that enough people check out the book to keep it going long enough to get some great stories out of it.

Juss said...

"I hope that enough people check out the book to keep it going long enough to get some great stories out of it."

"...long enough to get some great stories..." You sound almost as fatalistic as I am!

I have a vision that someday there might be a hardcover of this run, containing great stories by Tony Daniel, beautiful and consistent art from Philip Tan, and with lovely, lovely background material in the form of an interview or essay by Daniel about his conceptions of and plans for Hawkman, and with lots of developmental and conceptual sketches by Tan of Hawkman "looks," snapshots of Thanagaran civilization, people, and artifacts, other objects of interest from the story, etc.

I doubt that such a thing will ever come together, but it would be a great collection and keepsake from this version of Hawkman, which I have every hope of enjoying a great deal.