Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hawk Tidbits From SDCC, Part 2

From the DC Saturday panel at SDCC, thanks to Newsarama once again, here is Tony Daniel on The Savage Hawkman:

"...this is a really fun project for me, I'm taking a character with a very complicated history, and streamlining him a bit, making it a good jump on point for new readers, but old readers will be able to recognize the character"

"My artist Philip Tan is doing amazing, amazing art. I've never seen someone so excited to draw..."

"We're gonna bring some new characters into Hawkman's world, introduce some new foes, a new nemesis who is an enemy equal to him"

"It's his Lex Luthor. his Joker."

Jim Lee also added "[H]e draws all his pages in Starbucks, so all his pages are very caffeine driven."

Sounds like Daniel is really jazzed to be working on this series. I have high hopes that this new take on Hawkman sticks and that the character soars to new heights (pun intended!).


Mr P said...

Sigh...anybody else tired of new writers always trying so desperately to create a new arch-nemesis?

Hath-Set, Darkwing, Byth, Count Viper, and Head Hunter have ALL been flaunted as Hawkman's version of Lex Luthor at various points.

I've got no problem with introducing new villains, but Luthor and the Joker organically evolved into their iconic villain status, you don't really just get to pick whose going to be the long-running iconic villain that readers remember.

Jon Q. Citizen said...

Tan's released artwork so far has been exceptional!! Can't wait for this series to start!

I do agree with Mr. P's take on the "nemesis" issue....introduce new characters inbetween older ones and just wait for fans to respond to one or more.

....think how many villains "never made it" in Batman comics....for as large as his Rogue's Gallery is today....remember The Wrath, King Tut, etc. who are scarcely or never used anymore?

Of course, really as long as Hawkman & Green Arrow have comics I'm happy!!