Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hawk Tidbits From SDCC

From the DC Justice League Panel yesterday, thanks to Newsarama, Philip Tan had this to say regarding The Savage Hawkman:

Tony Daniel wants Hawkman to be like Indiana Jones. We wanted a more organic/carapace armor. He's going to face new villains. Some of the classic rogues Hawkman has, he's going to fight them in a very different way. He's not going to be the Hawkman we've seen...

Well, at least the traditional Rogues are not going away entirely. Sort of a pat answer but at least jives with the general relaunch and what Daniel himself has said about his take on the Winged Wonder.

Also, this:

A fan asks if Hawkgirl will be in HAWKMAN series. Phil Tan: "I can't talk about it."

Sounds to me like Hawkgirl will play some role in some capacity, sort of admission through omission.

Still eagerly awaiting September, folks!

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