Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Waiting In The Wings -- 01/26/2011

When we head down to our local comic shops today, will there be any new Hawk-related merchandise waiting for us?  Let's find out!

Blackest Night Series 8 Indigo Tribe Atom -- Hawkman's buddy Ray Palmer spent a good portion of the back half of Blackest Night decked out in the duds of an Indigo Tribe member, using his great wells of compassion to help defeat Nekron.  And now he joins your action figure shelf in the same such duds!  Atom toys always amuse me because one can make the argument that they are 1:1 scale.  This takes on a new light if you bring an Atom toy to a con with lots of girls dressed like Wonder Woman... aaaand with that I am going to stop this train of thought right there.

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