Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Image: Angel-Hawk?

From the Amalgam Comics blockbuster (heh) JLX #1 comes this depiction of Angel-Hawk, the Amalgam equivalent of Hawkman and The Angel.  Thanks go to rob! for posting this one.

Hawkman and The Angel make for a logical combination of powers if not personality.  How would such a combination act?  I imagine "hot head" would still win out, but maybe with some arrogance mixed in as well.  The costume, based on Angel's red and white uniform with some golden touches and helmet for Hawkman, looks very sharp.  Angel's blue uniform would have worked as well.  Note, though, that Angel-Hawk does not possess the Honor Wings!  Huh!

Makes me wonder if he is an alien with organic wings, or a hollow boned mutant with artificial wings?

Image: Page from JLX #1 featuring Angel-Hawk, Howard Porter, 1996, image obtained from The Aquaman Shrine.


Matthew McKinnon-Gray said...

From what I recall Angelhawk was a metamutant who was secretly working with JLX. No idea if those wings were artificial or not.

Luke said...

Thanks for the info! The only Amalgam book I ever read was the very cool and oddly well connected Iron Lantern.