Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Atom & Hawkman Heroclix Miniature

In honor of my finally getting Showcase Presents Hawkman v.2, which has the complete run of Hawkman stories from The Atom & Hawkman, I decided to bust this image out.

I have played a few games of Heroclix.  My brother bought the original Marvel starter box and we played it a couple of times, but I have never been big on collectable miniatures games with blind boxes.  (Case in point, I didn't buy into the insanely awesome Monsterpocalypse until the boys at Team Covenant created their Army Pack.  But I digress.)   But being made of plastic has allowed the Heroclix folks to create a large variety of figures for the game, including this very nifty little piece.  Atom is hard to see in this picture, but the juxtaposition of the little guy with the beefy dude really looks great.  That's classic Silver Age heroics right there.  I wonder if this dial is for both of the heroes together, or just for Hawkman?  Anyone out there know?

The only thing which would have made this mini better was if Atom was standing on his shoulder instead.

Image: The Atom & Hawkman Heroclix, image obtained from eBay.


Michelle said...

Delurking to say...I have this Heroclix and the dial is for the combined actions of Hawkman and The Atom. My husband plays Heroclix regularly but was nice enough to part with the figure so that I could add to my Hawkman swag at work. What a nice guy!

Mr P said...

The dial is intended to represent both of them working together.

It was the Origin set that gave us a really wicked Hawkman sculpt though.

Luke said...

Thanks for the info, folks.

@Michelle, you have Hawkman swag at work? Can you take a picture of that? Closest thing I have to swag at work is a picture frame!

@Mr P, I will have to look for that one. Every now and again I go trolling for Hawk images to use here and this was one I happened to come across on eBay!

Mr P said...

I modded my Atom/Hawkman to be this sculpt with the Atom crouched on his shoulder.

Diabolu Frank said...