Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Acquired: Showcase Presents Hawkman v.2

Received as a Christmas gift from my wife, Showcase Presents Hawkman v.2 completes the punchlist for Volume 1 as well as the short run in The Atom & Hawkman.  The pre-Crisis stuff gets harder after that point, with the backups in Detective and World's Finest being surprisingly pricey and not likely to be reprinted.  Still, looking forward to cracking this one open and getting more straight-up Silver Age goodness.


Mr P said...

Yeah, I'd really love a third Showcase volume that included the backups from Detective Comics and World's Finest. Perhaps it could be padded out with a few of the Hawks other appearances. I know they showed up in Showcase. Were there any B&tB team-ups?

Luke said...

Besides the backups in Detective and World's Finest, there was the three parter in Showcase as you mentioned, plus 4 issues of The Brave And The Bold, and 3 issues of DC Comics Presents. So in theory you could put out a third volume, but somehow I don't think DC is too interested.