Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Read: Brightest Day #5

Issue: Brighest Day #5
Title: "Under Pressure"
Published Date: June 2010
Generation: Modern Carter, Modern Shiera
Retcon Status: In Continuity

Summary: In the alien landscape they were transported to through Hath-Set's bone portal, Hawkman and Hawkgirl try to get their bearings.  But the trauma of reexperiencing all of their deaths has made them realize that something is wrong.  As they kiss, they can both feel that they are wasting away inside, as Black Lantern-like tendrills creep into their faces.

Their moment is interrupted, however, when they are suddenly attacked by a pack of animal-men hybrids!  The large cat-like creatures pounce, but are beaten back by the skilled warriors.  Out of nowhere, a flock of real hawk-men swoop in and attack the animal-men... and then snatch Shiera and take off with her.  Later, Carter recovers from the attack to find an animal-man standing over him, welcoming him to Hawkworld.

Review: Deeper and deeper the mystery grows!  Besides the strange and savage Hawkworld (which, it seems, is the place's actual name... clever...), it seems that the White Light did more (or less) than simply bring the dead back to life.  Are the Hawks rotting from the inside out?  Does it have to do with them not being on Earth, and thus, close to the White Lantern?  Furthermore, what the heck is the deal with Hawkworld?  Does this have a connection to the Hawk Avatar?  And if the Hawk Avatar is involved, what about the other animal avatars?  A Lion-Mane come back, perhaps?  And what in the name of Hashut does this have to do with Hath-Set?  I think we're going to go a lot deeper down the rabbit hole before things start to come back together, but hey, nothing sells like a mystery, right?

You have to like Finch's cover, which looks for all the world like the Hawks chasing after the TARDIS.  Hey, Timelord!  They both got you beat on the rebirth angle!  

Image: Brightest Day #5, 2010, David Finch

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