Monday, July 19, 2010

Batman: TB&TB Comic Strip... Featuring Hawkman

Big thanks to Bearer Of The Honor Wings rob! (aka Rob Kelly of The Aquaman Shrine fame) for sending me this very nifty scan of Hawkman teaming up with Batman.  I'll let rob! take it away:

A friend of mine got me the fourth issue of the UK-only Brave and the Bold magazine, and one of the regular features is an all-new BB comic segment, done for the UK mag only.

This issue's story features Batman teaming up with a bunch of heroes, including Hawkman!

How cool is that?  I haven't seen Hawkman pop up yet in the American B:TB&TB comic which DC publishes, but man the Winged Wonder sure looks nice, doesn't he?

Thanks again, rob!

Image: Page from Batman: The Brave And The Bold Magazine #4, 2010, image obtained from Rob Kelly.


rob! said...

Glad to be of service!

Interesting that this looks like the E-2 Hawkman, no?

Luke said...

It is interesting, and somewhat fitting considering the Golden Agers he hangs out with!