Monday, February 1, 2010

Crisis On Earth-Blog: The DC Challenge

The Atom made his way to the lab of an associate, Dr. Will Magnus, and put together a teleconference relay that could seek out any Thanagarian vessels near Earth. To his surprise, he was able to almost immediately connect to Hawkman and Hawkwoman, alien policemen and his closest friends in the super-hero community. Normally, the Tiny Titan could travel over such signals as telephone broadcasts to reach a distant destination. However, between the vagueries of Thanagarian technology and the warning Hal Jordan gave him, he dare not make such an attempt at this time.

"I... I thought you guys were on leave."

Hawkgirl replied, "We are, but we still patrol the Earth from--" Before she could continue, Hawkman shushed her tersely. "Any information you give him-- they'll know." Ray reconsidered Hal's warning that the Hawks had become unstable. This paranoia and history of recent violence against fellow super-heroes wasn't helping. Still, the Atom needed a friend right about now.

"Look Carter-- everything seems to be going crazy these days, and I think it's all my fault. I was working on this experiment, when I was attacked by the Martian Manhunter..."

Hawkgirl blurted, "You too?" Hawkman again gave her the stink eye. Suddenly, both the Hawks grabbed their temples and doubled over in psychic pain. "...Captain Comet... trying to... contact" Again, the Atom feared for the Hawks' mental state.

"Katar, we have to help him."
"Shayera, he's another human. We can't risk it."
"I don't take orders from you, mister! I'm not about to desert a hero in his hour of need. I'm going to Los Angeles to help him."
"The hell you are!"
"Katar Hol-- you just try to stand in my way!"

"Damn it, Carter! Get off your high horse and help us out here!"

Through a clenched jaw, Hawkman growled, "I don't ride horses, Atom."

There was a moment of heavy silence, until Shayera let loose a snort, which set Ray to laughing. Once Hawkgirl got over the giggles herself, she said flatly, "Katar, I'm flying the ship to L.A. I'll drop you off near Ivy Town along the way."

"I'm at Will Magnus' lab, actually."

"Fine. I think I know roughly where that is." Katar scowled, "Don't I get a say in this?" Shayera smirked, "Not really, no."

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