Friday, February 12, 2010

Atom: The Mighty Mite!

When you think of buddy teams in comic books, you normally think of... Wonder Man and The Beast!

Err.  Wait.  Okay, in DC Comics, when you think of buddy teams, you think of... Blue Beetle and Booster Gold!

Hrrm.  Alright.  I got it now.  When you think of buddy teams in the original run of the Justice League, you no doubt think of... Green Lantern and Green Arrow!

Yeesh.  Today's my day off.  I tried.  

Just head over to the new and super-spiffy Atom: The Mighty Mite blog, run by  Frank, the man who also knows way too much about the Martian Manhunter.  

No doubt there'll be plenty of shrinking-and-science action over there, the new online home for the only superhero awesome enough to hangout on Hawkman's shoulder!


Diabolu Frank said...

Thanks for the grin, Luke. It was a miserable cold day...

Luke said...

Seriously. At least here in the Upstate it was only snow, and not freezing rain/sleet like two weeks ago.