Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Michael Shanks on Hawkman

From that traditional comic book news outlet The Huffington Post...

Wait, what?

The Huffington Post?

Are you serious?

Alright, folks, I'll post the tidbit excerpted over at the Comic Reel at Comic Book Resources, but I am not clicking through to that site.  The management of Being Carter Hall does not endorse or support The Huffington Post in any way, and makes no claims or guarantees on the content of the site should you choose to click the above link.

Anyways, Michael Shanks on playing Hawkman on Smallville:

"I have yet to shoot a frame of film on this episode. This is what I've been doing the most of, is going for fittings and you know, talking to the producers about the character and discussing the elements of the voices. But mostly it's been focused on the costume and the logistics of the costume. Again, it's a necessary thing. I really appreciate the reverence that these guys have."

Also, Shanks (unsurprisingly) confirms that he is playing Carter Hall, archeologist, and not Katar Hol, Space Cop.  I say "unsurprisingly" because Geoff Johns is writing his appearances!

Smallville has been on an upswing through last season into this one, so I am very much looking forward to seeing the Society pop up over on "Earth-CW."

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Brainy Pirate said...

Well, I hope he has his helmet OFF for most of the episode -- with a face that handsome, it'd be a shame to keep it hidden!