Friday, February 20, 2009

Hawkman Sketch -- Harold Jennett

This week's sketch is by Harold Jennett, and features not only Hawkman, but his son Hector Hall as Doctor Fate!  Mr. Jennett is an artist from Allentown, PA, and recently has been working on a book with Wayne Cordova called M.I.M.E.S. ("No talk.  All action!").  He also does a lot of really great sketch and commission work, which you can see here at his ComicSpace page.

I don't awlays go for the cartoony look for superhero characters (especially brawny ones like Hawkman), but I like this one.  It has a sort of Batman: The Brave And The Bold vibe to it, despite predating that series!  The feathers in Hawkman's wings are very nicely done, and I really like the grimmace on his face.  The detail work with the straps on the wing harness and the wrapped grip on the mace stand out as well.  I really like the figure of Doctor Fate, as well as his helmet and ankh "aura."  I can't imagine how nice this piece would look fully colored!

Disclaimer: I do not own or have possession of this sketch.  It is being reposted from the cited website only.

Image: Hawkman & Doctor Fate sketch, 2008, Harold Jennett, retrieved from Comic Sketch Gallery.


The Irredeemable Shag said...

Great sketch! Hawkman looks great, and Doctor Fate looks phenomenal!

The Irredeemable Shag

Anonymous said...

Good looking sketch! That is one angry looking Hawkman...and of course, Fate always looks angry with that helmet. ;)