Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bearers of the Honor Wings: New Blog

Bearer of the Honor Wings and all-around cool dude Doug Zawisza has launched a comic book blog focused on that most bizarre of the super-teams, the Doom Patrol!  

Readers here will remember that Doug also penned the mighty (and mightily awesome!) Hawkman Companion from TwoMorrows Publishing, which is pretty much essential reading for any Hawkfan (budding or otherwise).  I don't know that the Doom'ers and the Hawks ever had much contact, but I am looking forward to learning more about this classic teams, especially as DC has just announced their return to the ranks of published titles.  So head on over and check it out!


Diabolu Frank said...

So he appears to be planning blogs for Detroit League members Zatanna and Vixen, but the only one running is the dang Doom Patrol? I could never get into those guys...

Luke said...

When I first got into comics "serious like" in the early 90s, I tried out the Doom Patrol. Of course, the series was being written by Grant Morrison and I couldn't make heads or tails of it. In my defense, I was 12.

I have lately gotten a certain appreciation for the original X-Men, so I am interested in seeing how much of that crew Stan and Jack "based" on the Doomers, who, as I say, I know very little about.