Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Acquired: Swag From Borderlands Sale, Greenville Comic Con

This past weekend provided me with not one, but two opportunities to buy comic books, as there was the Big Annual Sale at Borderlands, my LCS, as well as a small Comic Con run by the same folks who put on the show back during Halloween weekend.  I did manage to find a few Hawk-related issues.

From Volume 2, the Shadow War-tinged Isabella series, I picked up #10.  I have a handful of these issues but not enough to start reading it, especially since I don't have, you know, the Shadow War series itself.  I do find it odd that I have better luck finding this series than the 90s one, which ran longer and ostensibly printed more copies, being the 90s and all.

I've decided to just go ahead and start buying up singles from Volume 4, especially for the early ones, as that collection is out of print and it ain't going back to the press any time soon.  I snagged #1, and #4-6 for about $2.50 total, pretty good considering.  I need to find #2-3; in fact I might see if my brother can find them this weekend at NYCC.  

Power Of The Atom #4 was a random find in a quarter bin at the show.  I am not familiar with this series, although I think it takes place before Sword of the Atom?  In any event both Hawkman and Hawkgirl guest star in this double-sized issue, which actually contains two complete Atom stories in it.

I also picked up very cheaply the Countdown to Adventure collection, which does not feature the Hawks proper but does have some cosmic stuff which ties into Rann-Thanagar War, the Space Heroes from 52, and Rann-Thanagar Holy War.

Some stuff did get left behind, most notably all graphic novels besides the aforementioned Countdown book (which was on the $5 table).  Primarily because they were only 10% off at Borderlands!  So I passed on them.  I also passed on grabbing the Legend of the Hawkman miniseries for about $3 an issue when I discovered that they did not have the entire series, only #1-2.  Ah well.

Still, some neat stuff here, and more Hawkman is always a good thing.  Now I just need some time to read them all!

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Diabolu Frank said...

The Power of the Atom actually took place AFTER the Sword mini-series and specials. Ray returned to the civilized world when his miniature Amazonian kingdom died in a fire. The series revolved around the Atom's relationship with his ex-wife and her new husband, as well as his finding a place in modern heroics while now being possessed of a more violent temperament. It was okay, but compared to the many spectacular Post-Crisis relaunches, seemed rather limp.