Thursday, May 14, 2015

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer

Well the hits just keep on coming today as far as DC's Legends Of Tomorrow is concerned!  No sooner do we get an official group shot and confirmation of Vandal Savage, but now we get to see the team in action in the trailer!

And what a trailer it is, as we get to see all of the team in action, including our very own "girl with wings and a past lives complex."  Oddly, we don't see as much of Hawkgirl as we do others (especially White Canary and Atom), suggesting that the effects work on her scenes may not be complete yet.  But so help me Onimarr Synn but I spotted a helmet and boot talons!  Seeing her take flight off a "perch" and then pacing Firestorm swooping through the city was mind bogglingly cool (shout out to Shag).  I may be a sucker for this sort of thing but I've already swallowed the hook and we're months away from the debut.  

Other DC nerd moments -- seeing Captain Cold and Heatwave going to town on Savage's goons, White Canary's "birth" (of sorts), and Atom displaying some rather nifty new powers (heh heh).  And I did have to laugh at Rip Hunter's Time Lord... err, excuse me, Time Master having an incredibly British accent.  

Speaking of Rip, he mentions that the team will have to travel through time... I have to wonder, will this be a Timeranger sort of deal (we travel in time once and stay there) or a Back To The Future sort of deal?  I guess we will find out soon enough.

This show was already a "no-brainer" for me but this trailer serves to get me even more hopped up for it.  What kind of emotions does this trailer raise up in you, gentle readers?  Comment and share!

h/t to Newsarama for posting this item!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Luke, when will we get to see reviews of the Hawkman Convergence books? I just finished mine, and I'm curious what your take on them was.