Monday, October 6, 2014

Hawkworld Drinking Game

To Play: Grab your copies of the Hawkworld prestige format miniseries, the Hawkworld ongoing series #1-32, plus Hawkworld Annuals #1-3, grab a large decanter of your favorite beverage, and then start right at the beginning!  

Take one drink whenever:

-Someone calls Thanagar a Hawkworld.
-Someone calls Earth a Hawkworld.
--Take a second drink if they then explain what a Hawkworld is.

-Katar discusses Earth politics.
--Take a second drink if he doesn't understand or questions the political issue.
---Take a third drink if Shayera doesn't care about politics.

-Katar adopts Earth political beliefs to Thanagar.
-Katar shows off his knowledge of Thanagarian history or religion

-Someone takes an exotic drug.
--Take a second drink if someone says to "Lip" the pill.

-A Silver Age supporting character shows up (per issue).
-A Silver Age villain shows up (per issue)

-Someone says "Jam it"
-Someone says "Meat"
-Someone says "Downside" or "Downsider."
-Someone says "Seven Hells!"
-Someone says "Seven Devils!" or "Devils!"
-Someone says "Flashzone."

-Katar uses an ancient weapon
-Shayera shoots someone

-The Hawks spaceship shows up
--Take a second drink if the command module seperates from the rest of the ship.

-Someone from the DCU with "hawk" in their name or affiliated with a group with "hawk" in the name shows up (per issue).

-The Letters Page says "Read The Annual"

-Shayera's past is brought up.

-A "Shadowlord" appears (per issue)

-Bladebat appears (per issue)

-Sunderland Corp. is mentioned.

-Netherworld is mentioned (per issue)
-A Netherworlder has a pun for a name (per issue)

Winning: The winner of the game is the last one able to physically remove the next comic from the bag and board without getting tape on the cover.  And be sure to leave your additional suggestions in the comments!  

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