Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Poll Results: Are You Buying Justice League of America?

I try to do a poll every now and again here on the blog in order to see how my thoughts and opinions on developments line up with the opinions of the readers of the blog.  Now that Savage Hawkman has ended, the only place we can read about Hawkman is Justice League of America.  So I asked the obvious question: Are You Buying Justice League Of America?

Yes, because it rocks! -- 6 votes (26%)

The tally here was a little surprising.  If the title in question was Justice League, this number would be right on the money, as I tend to hear positive buzz about that series online, much moreso than JLoA.  But it looks like DC's efforts to promote this series have paid off!  
Yes, but only because of Hawkman! -- 14 votes (60%)

This was the answer which I knew would win the tally, so no shock here.  Especially on this blog!  

This is the camp I fall into.  As much as I like some of the characters in this series, if Hawkman was to be removed from the title I would drop it.  Too much focus on characters I couldn't care less about (*coughcoughCatwomancough*) and too expensive, even with my DCBS discount.  The books is good, but I don't think it has reached "cream of the crop" status yet.  But the presence of Hawkman is making it worthwhile for me at the moment.  
No way! -- 3 votes (13%)
Honestly, I expected this number to be higher than only 3 votes.  I've heard a lot of complaints about Justice League of America on message boards and such, so I figured that the number of folks who would say "screw it" would take second place on the poll.  Is this indicative of the opinion folks have of the title's quality?  

I think that the upcoming Trinity War series will give the series a bit of a shot in the arm, and hopefully we can get more focus on Hawkman in the coming months.  So we'll see, I suppose.  

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