Friday, July 13, 2012

Rob Liefeld on Hawkman -- DC NOW! Panel

Rob Liefeld was a guest on the oddly-named "DC NOW!" panel at SDCC, and thanks to both Newsarama and CBR, we have the intel!

Please note that this does contain SPOILERS!

From Newsarama:

Liefeld on Hawkman #0: "They just let me go gigantic, really big with Hawkman's origin. It's a gigantic space opera."

The end of Hawkman #13 sets up a story called "Hawkman Wanted," with the title character as an "enemy of the state, accused of heinous crimes."

Liefeld praised the work of Joe Bennett, and then moved onto Deathstroke.

And from CBR:

Liefeld took over with “Savage Hawkman” issue #0, telling audiences that in his first few issues Carter Hall has been trying to figure out the nth metal while being attacked by those interested in taking it from him, issue #12 leading right into the #0 issue.

“It’s a giant space opera with the fall of Thanagar...we introduce Carter was an adopted son of the royal family,” Liefeld said, adding, “It sets the stage for ‘Hawkman: Wanted’...[where] Carter learns that when he is located on Earth he is an intergalactic criminal...he now has to prove his innocence.” The issues after that will cross over with “Green Arrow,” and include Red Hood, Starfire and Deathstroke.

“It’s a little bit of Dune, a little bit of Ten Commandments,” Liefeld added, describing the book and showing an image of Lady Hawk on the cover of issue #12.

Sounds like things aren't going to let up for our hero any time soon!  I'm a little perplexed at why Liefeld dropped the spoiler in there, but I am guessing that is no more than would have been revealed in the solicits, and still the manner in which it came to pass is still up in the air.

The inclusion of some of the DCU at large is cool too.  Green Arrow is a natural, of course, but Red Hood, Starfire, and Deathstroke?  Starfire makes sense considering the storyline right now over in Red Hood & The Outlaws involves Kory dealing with her home planet, and Deathstroke, well, Rob does write both books.  So I can buy that.  I don't have a problem with Rob building up his little corner of the DCU if he wants to, as long as all of the books can "play nice" together.

I am very excited about seeing Rob Liefeld up there giving the book the hype it deserves and getting the word out.  So far I am enjoying his time on Hawkman and want to see the book flourish.  So here's to flying high!

More news as it develops!

H/T to Matt Orr (follow @HawkmanFans) for the link to the CBR recap!


Mike said...

Deathstroke also has Nth metal armor, something that was revealed even before Liefeld took over, so it make a LOT of sense...

Luke said...

I did not know that! Thanks for the info... should make their throwdown pretty interesting!