Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Waiting In The Wings -- 6/27/2012

It's Wednesday, the traditional day for new comic books (now anyway... was not always the case... but who's counting?), and this week is no different.  Any Hawk-books we should know about?  Well, if I am posting this, there might be, huh?

Savage Hawkman #10 -- Hawkman has been taken prisoner by Xerxes and forced to fight in the gladiatorial pit to demonstrate the power of the Nth Metal armor to potential buyers!  Yikes!  Beyond the sheer brutality, though, what about the revelations of the last issue?  Who is the red haired woman who appeared in Carter's Nth Metal projected vision?  Why do all of these aliens want their hands on the Nth Metal?  Will we get some answers this time out?

As Rob Liefeld said on his Twitter: "Hawkman #10 is out tomorrow!! Will the truth about his past be revealed? Check it out!!"

Sounds like we might get some answers to me!

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