Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Waiting In The Wings -- 4/27/2011

Will there be any Hawk related stuff at your LCS today?  Let's find out.  

Brightest Day #24 -- Well, it all comes down to this.  The journey from the death of Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders in Blackest Night #1 to where we are now has been a long and strange one, but one which I have really enjoyed.  I can honestly tell you that when we started I never would have predicted where we are now, and in a comics scene where too often the big stories are predictable, Brightest Day has kept me guessing.  Frank made a great point that he hopes the conclusion of BD will reincorporate more science fiction elements into the more recent fantasy based stories, and I have to echo that.  We'll all have to wait and see but I have a strong feelings that good things are on the horizon for the Winged Wonders, friends.

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