Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Waiting In The Wings -- 03/23/2011

There doesn't appear to be any Hawkstuff out this week, so let's take a look at what else looks interesting in the DC Comics lineup.

Justice League of America #55 -- Two things about this book stand out to me: first off, the Doomsday crossover's slow development, and the combination of the crossover with the regular story.  Maybe it's a symptom of the monthly comics shipments I am currently working with, but this Reign of Doomsday story really seems like it has fizzled.  Unfortunately I have only received the Steel one-shot; the Outsiders issue and this one are waiting for me from DCBS.  Maybe if I read all three in a row I'll get more enthused.  Now, I do like that the Doomsday appearance does not interrupt the Eclpiso storyline... why would supervillains wait their turn?  Should be fun to read this one.

Green Lantern #64/Green Lantern Corps #58 -- I don't think I can be less interested in a storyline than War of The Green Lanterns.  Except possibly Fear Itself but that's another company.

Titans: Villains for Hire -- This book is still published?  I am not being facetious, I seriously did not realize this book was not cancelled yet.  It's pretty apparent that DC is not sure what to do with with the Titans franchise and is just flailing around here.  Remember the highs the book had a few years back when Johns was on it?  Seems like ancient history at this point.

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