Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Waiting In The Wings -- 10/21/2009

As near as I can tell, there is no Hawkman or Hawkgirl related stuff on the release list for this week, so I thought I might take a moment to talk about some of the other stuff being released by DC instead.

DCU Halloween Special 2009 -- The Halloween Specials DC has put out since they started the holiday books up again.  I remember last year's really being a dud.  The Holiday Specials have been better, but I have high hopes for this one.  Doubtful we will see the Hawks, but you never know.

Justice League of America #38 --  The beginning of the end for the current team, as this issue apparently features Despero beating the ever-loving crap out of the Justice League in order to facilitate James Robinson's incoming version of the team.  I am torn on what I think about the new lineup.  I like the "new Trinity" in principle, but I don't really know much of anything about Mon-El nor Donna Troy.  Personally I hope that Donna gets a nickname which sticks, for one thing.  I am also torn on the former Teen Titans.  Cyborg is a good fit, but Starfire I am less sure about.  Of course, most of my exposure to Starfire comes from the Teen Titans cartoon, so that is a clouding factor.  Atom, GL, GA, Guardian, Congorilla, though: bring it on.  Should be a fun ride either way.

Outsiders #23 -- I just want to say that the format and pacing of this storyline is exactly what I want to see in my comics.  Hopefully this will continue on once Dan DiDio takes over writing chores.  

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Brainy Pirate said...

I'm intrigued by the new lineup, but a little miffed at the way it messes up McDuffie's plan to bring Black Canary back to a position of prominence and at the assumed removal of Vixen from leadership. The JLA gets its first women leaders (one of them black, at that) and they're both dumped? Sheesh! What a waste of a great opportunity....