Thursday, August 23, 2012

Analysis And Speculation: Rob Liefeld Walks Off Savage Hawkman

So the rumors came down yesterday straight from Rob Liefeld about how he was quitting DC Comics after the #0 issues, which in itself ignited a firestorm (not a Firestorm... the fans of that book know who the incoming writer is) on Twitter both with Rob Liefeld and his supporters railing against DC, and fans of the books which he was involved with over the future of their titles.  Two of the books -- Grifter and Deathstroke -- have rumored replacements for Liefeld, but there have not been any such rumors about Savage Hawkman at this time, leading to rampant speculation and wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth from Hawkfans.

Previously, Liefeld had been somewhat defensive about his role as writer on Savage Hawkman, at one point correcting an interviewer who said that he was only doing plots, with Mark Poulton handling the full scripts.  Liefeld said that he was writing plots and scripts, with Poulton only assisting in the writing.  But the speculation always was that Liefeld's denial was the proverbial too much protesting, and that he was in fact handling plots while Poulton was doing the scripts.  What the truth is we may never know.  

Going forward the big question is "Who will the new writer be?" and it's corollary, "Will they continue the same storyline?"  Liefeld's response when asked on Twitter if "Hawkman: Wanted" will continue was "Not with me," so that is no help.  I hope that "Hawkman: Wanted" continues on because I have been enjoying the build up to it and am eager to see the payoff.

So who will the writer be?  Again Liefeld provides no hints.  His tweet in response to that question as "No idea? Geoff Johns? Josh Fialkov? No idea.."  So that's pretty worthless as well.  Although the rumor is that Geoff Johns is leaving Aquaman next year as well.  Would the return of Geoff Johns (or, alternately, someone like Peter Tomasi) bring back in the reincarnation angles as we saw in Volume 4 and Brightest Day?

Personally, I think that the story will continue on the current path.  I suspect that Mark Poulton will stay on Savage Hawkman in some capacity.  I also think that Scott Clark and Poulton may become the writing team for Hawkman as Deathstroke was going to be pulled into "Hawkman: Wanted."  After the end of that storyline, I think that we'll get a new creative team (probably writer AND artist, I imagine) and a new direction.  Again.  

Frustration, thy name is me.  As much as I have enjoyed Savage Hawkman, it's stuff like this which keeps the character in the middle of the pack, and the book as well.

What do you folks think?  Who will the next writer be?  Will "Hawkman: Wanted" continue on it's path?  Will you be keeping up with the title?  Leave a comment and let's discuss.

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Mr P said...

Just further evidence of what I've long claimed. Hawkman's greatest enemy is the DC editorial staff.