Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Waiting In The Wings -- 09/07/2011

The New 52 has Begun!

...but we have to wait until the end of the month for Savage Hawkman #1.  So instead I'm going to offer some commentary on the other DC books out this week.  I know, I know, once more here at Being Carter Hall we're breaking NEW GROUND that NO ONE on the Internet has ever done before.  Heh.  For the ones I am definitely buying, please head over to today's post over at The Bunker.

Action Comics #1 -- The concept sounds good (Superman just starting out as a hero), but Grant Morrison is extremely hit or miss for me, and the conceit of "social justice" in the modern sense has be pre-emptively rolling my eyes dramatically.  I am on something of a Superman kick lately because I am reading the Roger Stern novel The Death And Life of Superman, but somehow I don't think this will satisfy that trend.  Pass.

Batgirl #1 -- Not interested in the character nor the creative team.  Major Pass.

Batwing #1 -- Clearly this was a better choice for DC's relaunch than a new Outsiders book.  Pass.

Detective Comics #1 -- Of the multitude of the Batman books populating this relaunch (and there are plenty of them), this one has the most interest from me.  Not enough to buy it outright but I might check it out.  Awaiting Judgement.

Green Arrow #1 -- This one was on my short list of which books to preorder.  Definitely want to check it out, but my Green Arrow loving buddy Adama is buying them, so we might have a comic reading party down the road.  Because that's how us playboy types kick it.  Want To Read.

Hawk And Dove #1 -- See the Bunker post.

Justice League International #1 -- I have never read any of the Bwa-ha-ha League other than their tussle with Doomsday (does that even count?), so there is no nostalgia factor here for me with this title.  Others seem really excited by it, though, so more power to you.  Pass.

Men of War #1 -- See the Bunker post.

OMAC #1 -- See the Bunker post.

Static Shock #1 -- I have a soft spot for the Milestone characters, Static included.  If this had been Icon or Hardware getting a shot instead of Virgil, this would be a must buy for me.  But as it stands this sounds like a good stage for Static to play on, especially getting him into NYC and out of Dakota.  Want To Read.

Stormwatch #1 -- This one just baffles me.  On the one hand, I want to read about the Martian Manhunter (hi, Frank!).  On the other hand, I know nothing about Stormwatch or The Authority other than things I have read about in magazines and such, and all of that sounds incredibly awful.  Coming off of Brightest Day, to see the Manhunter shuffled off into a 2nd (or 3rd!) tier book is a major disappointment for me, because I thought the point was to groom him for another solo series.  Instead he plays straight man to a team of insane characters whom I am not convinced even belong in the DCU.  Undecided.

Swamp Thing #1 -- I like monster comics as a general rule, so I will see how this one plays out.  Awaiting Judgement.

Those are my thoughts... what are yours?  To quote Cody Rhodes, "You have a voice... use it."

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Alex Brunt said...

Hey, I read a couple of posts here before I got a blog, and I've been searching for you ever since I got one.
You really do have an awesome blog going here :) I'll be sure to read all you've put up, one day when I'm off from college. Also, I'll be getting Savage Hawkman later this month! I look forward to it all :D
- Alex.