Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Waiting In The Wings -- 11/12/2008

Wednesday is usually a good day for finding new Hawkman stuff at your local comic book shop, so let's see what we have this week.

JLA/Avengers TPB -- The epic worldbender by Busiek and Perez.  I picked up the first three issues of his back at HeroesCon but have not had a chance to read them yet.  But with this many characters you know the Hawks are in there somewhere.

Justice Society of America Kingdom Come Special: Superman -- Hawkman didn't show up in last week's issue of JSoA, annoyingly, but since this special (followed by two more the next two weeks) focuses on the Gog storyline instead of the Earth-2 storyline, I have to imagine that he will be more involved this time out.

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