Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Day Hiatus

Well, with my wife and I heading out for Turkey Day tomorrow in the (very) early morning, this will be the last chance I get to update before next week.  And, just to make it even more fun, next week I am going to be in beautiful downtown San Jose, CA for a business trip.  I'm bringing along a few Hawk-related trades (including JSA v.10: Black Vengeance, and Rann-Thanagar War), so if I get a chance at the hotel I might be able to update some.  If nothing else I'll get the chance to read some new (to me!) comics.  So there may be updates, even if they are sporadic.  

Anyway, have a happy and safe holiday (those celebrating) and I will see you guys later!

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Doug said...

Luke - drop me a line at dazawisza@gmail.com

I'd like to share some of the tales of the Hawkman Companion. Seems like this might be the spot to do so.