Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Now Avilable: The Hawkman Companion

Besides the Four Color offerings available this week involving the Hawks, I'd also like to call your attention to this title now available from TwoMorrows Publishing.  From the description:

"Instantly recognizable among comic fans, Hawkman is one of the most iconic heroes ever created. Inspired by tales as old as mankind and those much more recent, this four-color legend has left an indelible mark upon the comic industry. Behind a fabulous CLIFF CHIANG cover, this collection contains interviews and commentary from many who have helped Hawkman soar through the ages, including JOE KUBERT, GEOFF JOHNS, SHELLY MOLDOFF, TIMOTHY TRUMAN, JUSTIN GRAY, JIMMY PALMIOTTI, RAGS MORALES, STEPHEN SADOWSKI, DON KRAMER, BEN RAAB, TONY ISABELLA, DAN JURGENS, ROY THOMAS, STEVE LIEBER, MURPHY ANDERSON and many other top comics creators. Also included is a copious image parade, profiles on the Hawks through the ages, as well as their allies and adversaries, and a timeline of Hawkman's storied existence throughout the DC Comics Universe. With insight into the character and the creators who made him what he is, the HAWKMAN COMPANION is certain to please any Hawkfan. Written by Doug Zawisza!"

Sounds like a winner to me!  You can order it through Amazon, or direct from TwoMorrows at this link.  I'm definitely jonesing for this bad boy now!


Doug said...

How badly are you jonesing?

Luke said...

Pretty badly I must admit. Ever since I saw the listing on TwoMorrows for this book, I have been pretty much drooling over it. I mean, if every there was a superhero character who needed this kind of caring attention, Hawkman is it.

Doug said...
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