Monday, August 8, 2011

DC Books To Be Assigned A Week

Interesting tidbit from the "DCnU" (ugh) FAQ over at Newsarama:

NEW: The release schedule for The New 52 appears set at 13 titles per week on a four week month. What are DC's release plans for months with five Wednesdays?

Our plan for five week months is to maintain The New 52 at 13 titles per week for each of the first four weeks of the month, and schedule some of our other DC Comics and Vertigo titles in the fifth week. Our goal is to have each of The New 52 go on sale the same week of the month each and every month.

I like this approach in theory.  For instance, Savage Hawkman right now is scheduled for week #4 in September and October.  So at the end of each month I know that Hawkman will be on the shelves.  Readers who buy their comics weekly know about what to expect each time they go to the shop.  All well and good.

Do I think they will be able to keep this schedule?


Ahhh, no.

But hey, it's a good place to start and if DC is serious about deadlines and schedules then this is another carrot-and-stick scenario they can use.  Get the books out, do it on time and on budget.  Shouldn't be so hard, right?  *wink*  

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