Monday, November 1, 2010

Phillip Tan On Hawkman?

Well, we reported to you a few weeks ago that James Robinson made a slip-up regarding Hawkman at NYCC, and the rumor mill that he is working on a Hawkbook after Brightest Day has gained a lot of steam.  Now we can attached a rumored artist to the rumored series -- Phillip Tan, currently the artist and co-plotter (with Dan DiDio) over on Outsiders.

You'll recall that back in March at Emerald City Comic-Con, Tan offered up for sale a print of Hawkman... perhaps this was a sign of things to come?  I still don't like the super-busy helmet design, but I generally have dug his work on Outsiders and wouldn't mind seeing him take a crack at the Winged Wonders.

Of course, this is all speculation and hearsay, unless it is revealed to be true, at which point I will claim to have had inside information!


Juss said...

I don't mind the extra elaboration on the headpiece, at all. Its ornateness makes him seem stranger, more menacing, and foreign? alien? barbaric? That may depend on context in the new series. Certainly, with the massive arms and shoulders, and appropriately large wings, Hawkman in this picture appears threatening and formidable.

I have read speculation, though, that Hawk-related events in Brightest Day are an attempt to conjoin the different Hawkmen's Earth and Thanagaran origins. I fear this will make his backstory yet more convoluted, and so even more off-putting for continuity-concerned newcomers.

Dave said...

Also when Tan tweeted the picture Robinson retweeted it. Which means either James Robinson really liked the picture or he really liked the picture and Tan will be the artist.