Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Waiting In The Wings -- 08/25/2010

When we all head down to our collective LCSs today, can we expect to see any new Hawk-related merchandise?  Let's check it out and see!

Blackest Night Series 5: Black Lantern Hawkman -- DC Direct will eventually make a plastic representation of every single Black Lantern, I am sure of it.  I mean, how many of their lines get to 5 waves, let alone 6 or 7?  There's too much money at stake not to make as many Black Lantern toys as possible.  I think my brother ordered me one of these guys, so eventually he will end up on my Hawkman shelf, where the Winged Wonder shares space with other winged warriors -- including Falcon and the original Buzz-Off from Masters Of The Universe.

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