Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Images From Smallville "Absolute Justice"

From CBR, here is a headshot of Hawkman from the upcoming Smallville telefilm "Absolute Justice."  We also have images of plenty of varied Justice Society relics, including Hawgirl's helmet and mace, Flash's helmet, Alan Scott's lantern, and the mural of the JSA, which can be found here.

More and more little fan service nods keep bubbling to the surface here, and I don't think I can be any more excited for this even than I am right now.  Between this and the previous episode of Batman: The Brave And The Bold featuring the Society, it's a downright Golden Age revival!

"Absolute Justice" airs on February 5th on The CW.

Image: Hawkman, Smallville "Absolute Justice," 2010, image retrieved from Comic Book Resources.

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