Friday, July 27, 2012

Sneak Peek At Hawkman: Wanted!

Thanks to Rob Liefeld's enthusiasm for Twitter, we have a very nifty penciled preview page of the upcoming "Hawkman: Wanted" storyline in The Savage Hawkman!

As Rob saysA glimpse of Hawkman:WANTED epic that starts in the fall #robliefeld #dccomics

Looks pretty amazing to me!  Hawkman and Green Arrow going to town on what I am guessing are Thanagrian warriors (Wingmen?) sounds like some good comics!

Image: Hawkman: Wanted Preview, 2012, Joe Bennett.


Megara said...

WOW This is gonna be so BOSS!!!!! I'm posting this to facebook!!!

Luke said...

I've got it covered on Twitter and Google Plus! Let's all get the word out to check out the title.