Monday, July 16, 2012

Savage Hawkman Toy Announced at SDCC!

It's not just comics news coming out of San Diego for Hawkman this year!  From Mattel's DC Universe panel, we get this image featuring none other than the Savage Hawkman of the New 52, hanging out with similar versions of both Superman and the Flash!  As part of the "DC Comics Unlimited" line, it appears that Savage Hawkman will be part of the spotlight being shone on the "rest of" the DCU, since Batman rates his own line.  Of course.  

Still, the prospect of getting a Savage Hawkman toy at retail has me very excited.  This is a "must buy" for me, undoubtedly.  Honestly, the Flash will be on the short list as well -- can't wait to see who else will be part of this line.  (Wonder Woman, perhaps?  Aquaman?  Firestorm?  OMAC?!)

H/T to The Irredeemable Shag for the head's up on this one!  (Go check out for a tasty tidbit about the new direction of the Firestorm comic from Dan Jurgens!)

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Megara said...

SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder if there will be a Hawk-Woman as well?