Monday, April 2, 2012

The Resurrection

So, yeah.

Sorry about that. Turns out that being on a field assignment does afford you a lot of time, but very little free time. Blogging became pretty much an impossibility, between working long hours and then having to go out for every meal. So, needless to say, between sleeping and blogging, sleeping tends to win!

To add insult to injury (of a sort), once I was back in the office, I got a temporary assignment which put me in a fast paced review involving a good deal of overtime, leaving me not much time to blog back home, either.

So, yeah. Sorry about that, heh!

Anyway, some good stuff is coming down the pipe here at Being Carter Hall. We have some Savage Hawkman reviews coming up, plus some classic Hawk comics as well. I have some new Hawk toys to show off, too. And to kick things off, we have something special for you coming up tomorrow. So thank you for your patience and welcome back to Being Carter Hall!

1 comment:

Mr P said...

Welcome Back!

You've been missed. I went back on my word and went ahead and read the last story arc of Savage Hawkman. I thought it was deeply flawed, but an improvement over the first story arc.