Thursday, January 13, 2011

Waiting In The Wings -- 01/13/2011

Well, there does not appear to be anything Hawk-related for sale this week at your friendly neighborhood comic book shop, so instead we're going to take a look at some interesting items.

Doom Patrol: Brotherhood -- Collecting issues #7-13 of the current series, this volume would be great to introduce someone to what Giffen and Clark are doing on the Doom Patrol.  Following on the heels of the Blackest Night tie-in, the team not only has to deal with Thayer Jost's rival group the Front Men, but also a paradimensional construction crew, as well as Ambush Bug.  The battle with the Front Men alone is worth the asking price, but beyond that this is a great showcase for the title.  It's offbeat and more than a little strange, but this is the most accessible I have ever seen the Doom Patrol in my time as a comic book reader.  I don't know how long DC will continue to support this mag, but so far it's been one heck of a ride.

DC Direct Blackest Night Black Lantern Terra -- This toy pairs up nicely with the previously released DC Direct Geo-Force!  Throw a Black Lightning and a custom Owlman in there and you are ready to go.  Probably the only bone Outsiders fans will get out of this toyline, and I am willing to bet that this was item is more for Titans fans than Outsiders.  I mean, who else are they going to get?  Katana's kids?

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