Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brightest Day #18 Preview

From DC's The Source, we have a preview of Brightest Day #18.

The stakes are really escalating as the end of BRIGHTEST DAY grows near.

From Zamron to Central City, the pieces are all coming together. The White Lantern has a plan.

There's several chilling lines in issue 18, on sale tomorrow, and we'll leave you with this one….

"Why are you aiming the ring at us?"

I dig the cover, of course.  Sounds like bad stuff is going down all through out the universe!

Brightest Day #18 hits stores today.

Image: Brightest Day #18, David Finch, 2011.


Diabolu Frank said...

Custom Plush Hawkman:

Mr P said...

I was pleased to see that wasn't the variant cover. The Hawks have been getting some nice cover-time during Brightest Day.