Monday, June 14, 2010

DC Universe Classics Hawkman Toy

Well, I finally had a chance the weekend before last to open up some of the toys I had accumulating in my house, including the
DC Universe Classics Hawkman.

The first thing which strikes me about this toy is the musculature and bulk.  This is a powerful rendition of the Winged Wonder!  Definitely taking a modern approach in the sculpting.  The costume takes a sort of mixed approach, with the modern taloned boots but a more Silver Age look of clean lines everywhere else.  The helmet is suitably streamlined but still nicely sized.  The orange color is a fun callback to the old Super Powers toy, I think.  

The wings are very striking.  Each feather is sculpted and painted individually, really helping them to stand out.  The pair stands just slightly shorter than the top of Hawkman's helmet, and the wings themselves are on a hinge, allowing a solid range of "flapping" motion.  Furthermore, each wing has a second segment connected on a swivel, which allows him to be posed either in a standing pose or a soaring one.

Our hero is armed with some nice accessories as well, in the form of a mace, shield, and sword.  The mace has a sadly non-functioning wrist loop, but still looks imposing in Hawkman's hands.  The shield is a buckler-type, and clips easily onto either of his wrists.  The sword is a nice little addition.  It's about the size and shape of a gladiator's short sword, and the designers were nice enough to include a loop on his belt to store it.

The major aspect I don't like about this figure is the hinge joint for the wings, which just looks ugly.  Its functional and holds the wings in place very nicely, but that doesn't mean it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb!

All in all this is a very nice representation of Hawkman and will look very handsome standing with his brethren on the shelf!

(Too bad the DCUC Hawkgirl goes for Big Bucks (no Whammies no Whammies no Whammies STOP!) on ebay!)


Airship Over Water said...

It really is a great looking figure. Sometimes after I dish out the $15 bucks or how much to buy these figures, I soon regret it, but the Hawkman figure is one that I definitely do not. He just looks great. I think he's one of the best looking DC figures ever.

Luke said...

Agreed. He is still standing tall in my living room I like him so much.

That cognitive dissonance you mention is one of the reasons I have cut my toy buying habit down to almost nil. But I cannot resist a Hawkfigure, though!