Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Acquired: Heroes & Dragons Visit

This past Saturday my family and I took a day trip to Columbia, including a stop-off at Heroes & Dragons!  And if I go to a comic shop I haven't been to in years, you know I am going to try to score some Hawkstuff!

Hawkworld -- After the giant haul of this I got at that Charlotte mini-con a while back plus pulling the miniseries out of a 3/$1.00 bin, I don't have much left to get.  After this trip there's even less, as I added #11-13, 24, 27-28, and 31-32.  Four more issues (including an Annual) and Hawkworld is complete.

Volume 3 -- I actually have the entire run of the third volume of Hawkman, but I am missing some crossover issues, including the three I picked up, namely, Guy Gardner: Warrior #32-34.  This leaves me with the two JLA crossover issues to finish all of this run.

Volume 4 -- I have most of this run, but after you get to issue #25 my collection gets a little spotty.  I added the Secret Files and Origins special, plus four issues after the title changed to Hawkgirl: #46, 49, 56, and 61.  Adama actually has the fourth trade from this run for me but I forgot to actually get it from him when I saw him this weekend (doh!) but beyond that I have seven issues left to finish this run up.

A nice dent for sure.  I am starting to really finish up some more volumes, which means that sooner or later I am going to have to start looking into the harder to find stuff, including those World's Finest and Detective backups!  But for now I can bask in the glow of new (to me) Hakwman comic books.

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Diabolu Frank said...

I'm sorry, but those Guy Gardners are going to go down like a spoiled burrito stuffed with a roll of quarters. Way of the Warrior was a poster child for unnecessary, empty, ugly and painful crossovers.

I think one of the Hawkworlds you got was the one where Martian Manhunter learned the truth about the Millennium Hawks. I wish I still had that one. As retcons go, it was okay. Certainly better than the back flips performed in the first annual.

That SF&O issue with the Pat Gleason art was purty. Great looking profile pages, too.