Monday, August 25, 2008

Your Guide To The DC Universe at Fan Expo '08

In addition to the previous post, DC Comics Executive Editor Dan DiDio mentioned Hawkman's status in the "Your Guide to the DC Universe" panel at Fan Expo this past weekend up in Toronto.

The executive editor also said the recent Hawkman Special by Jim Starlin was an effort to test the waters for the character. "It was to create an air of mystery around the character and to create questions around the character. With the chance that people might get interested and discuss the character and want to read about him further down the line."

More evidence for the return of Katar Hol as the "one true Hawkman" on New Earth.  I think both characters can work equally well; whichever one they decide to go with, I just hope for fun, exciting adventures to read.  I mean, a cosmic series or psuedo-Hawkworld deal would be fine with me.  As would another series in St. Roch or Midway City.  Maybe Carter Hall can hang out in St. Roch on Earth-2 and Katar Hol can be based out of Midway City on New Earth.  Heck, if you really want to go whole hog, have Roderic kill Kendra and have her be reincarnated back on Earth-2, or something.  All of it requires some hand-waving, yes, but it's pretty easily doable, and once you set the status quo you can tell good stories and not worry about it.

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