Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Is The Sneak Preview in Convergence: Hawkman #2?

DC has been leaking little snippets of what we can expect in the previews of the second issues of the Convergence tie-ins, week by week, and with Week 3 being revealed on Newsarama, we know what the preview is going to be in Convergence: Hawkman #2!  Take it away, Newsarama!

CONVERGENCE: HAWKMAN #2 features a bonus GRAYSON story written by Tom King and Tim Seeley and illustrated by Mikel Janin.

Dick and Spyral join the mile-high club as they attempt to save a young boy from an airplane mid-flight.



Well, looks like I can safely skip the preview pages in the back of Convergence: Hawkman #2 without any concern or worry.  Really DC?  You really think that readers who are champing at the bit for a Hawkman and Hawkwoman fix want to read about super-duper secret agent Dick Grayson?  

This is a complete fumble on the part of whomever made the editorial choices of which previews to include in which Convergence title.  As far as I am concerned, this is a complete waste of pages now.  No disrespect to King, Seeley, and Janin, but I am just not interested in Dick Grayson, secret agent man.

Move along, nothing more to see here...

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Anonymous said...

Good heavens, you're not kidding Luke. This is about as far off the mark as it could get. They aren't just targeting this at people who want some Hawkman and Hawkgirl stories, but people who want Silver/Bronze Age Hawk stories! That is a group that is likely to have as little interest as possible in this concept!