Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Upcoming: LEGO Hawkman Minifig

As we move into the Fall, it's time for the toy companies to start making noise about their upcoming releases, both for the holiday season as well as next year.  LEGO is no different, and has recently begun rolling out information on their upcoming sets, including their DC Comics related ones.  You might have seen this wonderful Flash-centric set, or this Aquaman fan's dream set, but today I am going to talk about the big release LEGO has announced.  I, of course, am talking about set #76028, "Darkseid Invasion."

You see, this set not only includes Superman, Darkseid, Green Arrow, Cyborg, an Apokoliptian vehicle and the Javelin, it also includes the Winged Wonder himself, Hawkman!

In the picture of the front box art above, you can see winging his way towards the evil New God, his trusty mace in hand, ready for hand to hand (brick to brick?) combat alongside his Justice League allies.  You can see a breakdown of the set here, giving a better look at Hawkman and the other components.  It's hard to tell at this size, but I think the helmet has a definite New 52/Joe Bennett vibe to it.  Similarly, Green Arrow appears clean shaven and in his New 52 costume, as does Cyborg and Darkseid.  Interestingly, Superman has red trunks; I am pretty sure the LEGO Man Of Steel sets had him with no red trunks.  

Hawkman is making his debut as minifig in this set, along with Cyborg and Darkseid.  Evidently there was a Green Arrow minigfig as an exclusive a while back, so him being available at mass market retail will surely please his fans, lonely weirdos that they are.  

Unfortunately, this set is going to be a big price point, with 500+ pieces, so I am going to be hard pressed to purchase it and not just get the Hawkman minifig off of The Ebay.  But the inclusion of Big Blue in his classic duds, an oversized Darkseid, the awesome Javelin, and That (Formerly) Goateed Moron all in one set is going to make it very, very tempting!

Image: LEGO Set #76028 "Darkseid Invasion" box front, 2014, image obtained from Bricks And Bloks.

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