Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Acquired: Imaginext Hawkman!

Well, shows me what complaining gets me.  

A few weeks ago, astute readers will recall that I whined about not being able to find the Imaginext Hawkman toy anywhere, despite Target taunting me with it under plexiglass.  Well, it turns out I should have just gone over to Walmart, where a chance trip down the "Little Guy" toy aisle lead me straight to this two pack!

Man, what else can a guy ask for?  A Superdeformed two pack of my two favorite DC heroes?  And Hawkman armed with a mace to boot?  Can't wait to open these guys up and play with them!  Heck I can get my older boy in on the fun too!

Image: Imaginext Hawkman & The Flash, 2011, image retrieved from Go Figure Action Figures.

1 comment:

Scott said...

Nice find. I may have to pick up the Hawkman myself sometime.