Thursday, February 10, 2011

Custom Hawkman Plushie

Well isn't that cute?  Like several other bloggers (including myself!) have posted over the last few weeks, these custom plush dolls from Etsy user "showboatontheroad" are the epitome of superheroic cuteness.

Hawkman here is definitely one of the standouts of the line.  Much like the case back in the Super Powers days, having a big set of wings and a mace helps the Winged Wonder stand apart from his counterparts.  I love the little Honor Wings, as well as the detail of the logo on his wing harness.  Even his facial expression, with the smile that almost borders on a smirk thanks to the eyebrows, seems oddly appropriate.

All in all one heck of an effort.  I hope this outfit gives us plenty more of these cuties.  Here's a suggestion: Hawkgirl!

Image: Custom Hawkman plushie, 2011, image retrieved from Showboat On The Road.

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