Friday, December 10, 2010

Mayfairstivus Bonus: Hawkwoman!

Welcome to the Morning After Mayfairstivus!

Because of my stupid work schedule and that unfortunate sleep requirement my getting-older-every-day body seems addicted to, I never got to post my second entry into Mayfairstivus after the Winged Wonder the other day.  So in the spirit of being a Gentile who has figured out from his Jewish relatives-through-marriage that most Jewish holidays involve eating pot roast, I am presenting Shayera Hol-nee-Thal as a little bonus content.

Hawkwoman is "raising the roof" here, but that silliness aside I don't particularly like this artwork.  Looks very stiff an amateurish.  Her helmet especially doesn't do much for me.  But it gets the job done I guess.

Her stats seem pretty comparable to her husband's.  They trade a point in Influence and Strength (which makes sense), and Katar has an extra point of Body (which if I was more knowledgeable about this system I might argue but I am willing to let slide).  Powers are of course identical, but Skills is where the differences show up.  Katar has the edge by a point each in Detective, Martial Artist, and Weaponry, and 2 points in Gadgetry.  Shayera, however, picks up 7 ranks in Charisma* to go with her higher Influence.  Most of those read to me, except gadgetry.  In the Silver Age, Shayera was more likely to bust out a Thanagarian device of some kind whereas Katar would use terrestrial methods.  I'd put her higher on Gadgetry for that alone.  Still, she certainly more than able to hang with her hubby and the two seem like a formidable pair to run into.

Limitations, Advantages, Drawbacks, and Equipment are identical.  I wonder, was there stats for other weapons in the main book so you could equip your Hawks with something other than their mace?  Seems like it would be easy enough to roll that up if not.

Again, much like Hawkman, I think this is a pretty decent representation of Shayera.  She's not a super powerhouse but she can hold her own, and she brings skills to the table which can be useful in situations other than bashing brains in.  Sounds like Hawkwoman to me.

Of course, the "Marriage" as a Drawback still makes me laugh, but them's the breaks.  I somehow see a group of players where one guy is playing Hawkman, and he brings in his girlfriend to play Hawkwoman and they just get waaaay too involved with each other during the game.  I guess it's a good (?) thing my wife is not into gaming!

Be sure to head over to DC Bloodlines to find the rest of the Mayfairstivus links!  The last time I posted them they screwed up my format, so there you go!  

*Yes, I own this shirt.

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