Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Brightest Day #5 Preview

Sorry about the disappearance, folks.  We left out to vist my in-laws on Thursday night at about 8:30 and got in about 4 in the morning, then got back home on Monday morning around same time.  Between getting back into the swing of work and catching up on everything after the holiday I never got around to making the posts.  But hopefully we'll be back on track now!

Anyway, here to tide us over on the extra day before New Comic Book Day here in the US thanks to the Independence Day holiday, DC has released a preview of Brightest Day #5, featuring Hawkman and Hawkgirl on the cover.  Here's the hype:

The mysteries deepen! What secret is Mera hiding? Where have Hawkman and Hawkgirl disappeared to? And what annoys Hawk the most about Deadman? Find out in this issue as we march closer towards the turning point of issue #7 as Hawk and Dove join the mission to uncover the truth behind their returns and what it means to the rest of the DCU! Here are a few pages from BRIGHTEST DAY #5, all courtesy of the stellar team of Johns, Tomasi and the comic industry's greatest artists.

All very epic and mysterious, yes? (/DeathsHead ) I am very intigued by this new "Hawkworld" and what exactly it means to the reincarnated souls of the Hawks.  although I must say, can't we please go back to Hawkwoman?  Shiera Hall is no slip of a girl, folks, she'll lay a hurt on you faster than you can say "nice wingtips."  She deserves the more mature moniker.

Brightest Day #5 comes out tomorrow (in the US anyway, it's already out in other markets).

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