Monday, May 18, 2009

20 Answers, 1 Question With Dan DiDio, 5/15/09

DC Comics Head Honcho Dan DiDio shared this little tidbit with us in this week's 20 Answers, 1 Question column over at Newsarama, regarding everyone's favorite winged heroes (with apologies to people who like the Angel, Dawnstar, Golden Eagle, Mimic, and, uh, Namor?)

Newsarama: 16. A quick clarification on the status of the Hawks – the seemed to have died in Final Crisis, but in Blackest Night #0, they're alive and well...

DD: What happened was that during the whole integration of the Multiverse in Final Crisis where we saw a version of Aquaman appearing from another Earth, so was the case with the Hawkman and Hawkgirl that met their fate in Final Crisis. That said, the Hawks are very prominently featured in Blackest Night #1, and are very much alive at the start of that book.

At this point I am just waiting for Blackest Night #1 to settle all this out.  This explanation is as good as any I have come up with, and is a good deal better than the "they just got hurt and are on the shelf" stuff DiDio had previously mentioned.  Honestly, Final Crisis was strange enough without the revision, but at least the idea of reality collapsing and fall apart makes it easy to explain things away, I guess.

I did just have an amusing thought: what if all that happens was a delay of what Synnar told Hawkman?  I'd laugh if in Blackest Night #1, the Hawks die in an inferno, then Kendra becomes a Black Lantern and Katar somehow comes back.  But that can't be it -- why stop Grant Morrison from offing the Hawks just to let Geoff Johns do it?  Unless it was to keep from the death of Batman having to share a spotlight?  Who knows.

I just hope we get to see some zombie a-smashing.

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