Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Speculation: Strange Adventures #1

This contains spoilers for Strange Adventures #1.

In last week's Strange Adventures #1, our old friend from Rann-Thanagar Holy War, Deacon Dark, has been charged with studying the Abberant Six, and decides to begin his studies with Hawkman.  However, while summoning the hero, Dark's assistant knocks over one of the candles used in the ritual, and Hawkman is apparently thrown into another dimension.

Meanwhile, "Superman" (with word baloons just like those Synnar the Demiurge uses) appears to Bizarro, and explains to him that time has changed, and he must become the warrior of the Abberant Six.  Bizarro doesn't seem to comprehend, but "Superman" sends him on a quest which he feels will bring understanding.  Deacon Dark then sends his assistant out to retrieve Hawkman, saying that he must return with him "or else."

So, this throws a wrench in things!  Did Jim Starlin intend to use Hawkman only to have him taken away from him?  Perhaps to play a big role in Blackest Night?  Or because of the events of Final Crisis?  On the other hand, is this all part of Starlin's plan, with Bizarro a stand-in for Hawkman for the time being?  Perhaps both Bizarro AND Hawkman are members of the Abberant Six?

Let the speculation flow!

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